Seven: The Path of Life


Things have reached an alarming state when, according to asurvey conducted by the Bertelsmann Stiftung, 75 percent of young people in Germany are of the opinion that work will not provide them with any pleasure or fulfillment in later life. This point of view must be countered with exemplary initiatives. I believe that education and training at school, university andwork are crucial for the path that a person’s life takes. If this path is to be positive, though, the education and training on offer must be imparted by suitably trained teaching staff who operate within the “care — education — learning” triangle. The goal is that young people should be capable of responsible self-management. We have to come up with new initiatives which give people courage and confidence in their own talents and fields of competence. The changes taking place in society and the world of work, and the uncertainties associated with them, are demanding the generation of a new self-confidence based on individual responsibility andinitiative. This will also involve a revival of virtues such as judgment, discipline, satisfaction and modesty. The most important thing, though, is curiosity! For in contrastto the emerging economies of Asia, Europe seems to be sated and tired!

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