Nineteen: Technology for our Times


I have the benefit each year to travel to about 30 different countries on business for Intel, and I get to talk to government leaders, business leaders, education leaders around the world. And you hear a quite common theme today. Everyone recognizesthe importance of education for their economic destiny, their economic future. They recognize it’s no longer low wage rates, natural resources, or anything else that will determine the economic destiny of the country. It’s in fact the knowledge embedded in their work force, knowledge that their children gain through the educational process. And it’s quite heartening to travel around the world and to see the efforts not only in the established economies but the emerging economies, whether those economies be Latin America, EasternEurope, Africa, Asia, to see the importance that governments,companies, educational institutions place on raising children witha very, very strong sense of science and technology and engineering in the future.

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