Twenty Two: Investing for the Future


The United Arab Emirates has mushroomed onto the psyche of all the omniscient observers as a country that is in a hurry not only to modernize, but to be at the forefront ofthe development curve. In a mere three decades plus the country has made its mark as an important hub for commerce and business and has perhaps the most talked about emerging economy in the world. The demands that come with such rapid growth have created a set of demands on the country, at the center of which education has to be an important element. The result has been that over the past three decades the UAE’s investment in education has been phenomenal, with each phase investing more in the qualitative element of education and the human resources. Investing in education is investing in our own future, and indeed bringing up our children with the right values is extremely important. This is all the more important when it comes to teaching them business values. A great deal has been done for the education of these young people to learn the practices of business through education however there are some important values that need to be learned in the broader experience of life.

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