Twenty Three: Investing for the Future


A number of years ago I wrote A Guide for New Planners for the Society for College and University Planning (SCUP),which they distribute to new members. Recently, SCUP asked me to craft a new edition taking a fresh look at the full range of challenges and opportunities facing campus planners and leaders in the 21th century. The reasons are both obvious and compelling. The most obvious and dramatic change is the impact of globalization on higher education. Just as economic relationships are being “flattened” so are educational relationships and value propositions. Many leading institutions in North America, Australia, Asia, Europe, and the Gulf are referring to themselves as “transnational,” rather than “international” or “global.” The leadership of medallion universities such as Cornell University use the term transnational to express their strategic intent to engage all students, faculty, and staff in international/global perspectives and experiences. Transnational also suggests the need to evolve new approaches, practices, and cultures. Transnational institutions across the globe must be concurrently local and global if they are to be successful.

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