Twenty Five: Things That Matter


The benefits of educating women in the Muslim world have tremendous ramifications on us, more than many of us realize until much later in life. Yet there are entire regions of the world where a change of mindset is needed regarding education of women and its merits. Contrary to popular belief, emphasisis required not in the most obvious economically depressed and illiterate circles, but in educated families steeped in tradition and restricted by societal constraints. I come from one of those families,where mind numbing traditions and societal restrictions were ashard to battle as poverty and lack of education elsewhere. Muslim societies are by definition conservative. It is a combinationof our religion, culture, and timeless traditions. Even today, boys are expected to receive an education and earn a living while girls are supposed to receive theirs, marry well and raise children, thereby ensuring security for them and their children. The rules defining the roles of men and women have not changed much in the last one hundred years.

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