Using Creative Strategies to Promote Students’ Speaking Skills


This paper describes an investigation that was conducted over the course of my final year teaching practice placement in a Girls’ Primary School in Fujairah. The research was carried out in a classroom of twenty Grade Five Arabic-speaking girls where English is taught as a foreign language. I decided to investigate the teaching of speaking, and this topic was chosen because I noticed over the four years of teaching practice placements in my degree program that reading and writing skills are mostly emphasized in EFL classrooms in Emirati state schools, but speaking and listening are largely ignored.

In addition, English language teachers in state schools in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) tend to give priority to finishing the course book, and they do not concentrate on speaking activities that much. Furthermore, students do not have the opportunity to communicate in English because Arabic-speaking parents, family and friends surround them, so I decided to engage these ten and eleven year old students in communicative activities that would improve their speaking, specifically by using songs and puppets.

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