Fifty Six: Empowering Women


In the span of the last 60 years, India has been a witness to a great many social, economic, political and above all demographic changes, which have impacted the lives of our generation. On the social front, there has been a change in the level of literacy, health standards and today more than 54 percent of our population is below the age of 25 years — and women constitute nearly 55 percent of the total population. It is this generation of young and somewhat socially empowered women who are poised to transform the nation into a world class economy. Equipped with professional education, higher awareness about the social and economic issues, they have the vision and the means to do so. After all, they constitute half the human resource potential available for economic activities. It is therefore evident that unless they fully participate in the developmental process, the dream of turning India into a global economic superpower cannot be fulfilled.

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