Framing HCT’s graduate outcomes with task based and project driven writing projects


This article outlines practical ways in which HCT Graduate Outcomes (GOs) such as technological and information literacy, critical and creative thinking, team-work, selfmanagement and independent learning can develop through writing skills with taskbased project-driven activities within a Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) lab or IT environment. Moving from the theoretical spectrum of analyzing the learning significance of particular writing approaches to describing classroom activities that
reflect the aforementioned GOs, this article then elaborates on how specific GOs that underscore learning and competency  kills can be effectively integrated into projectdriven and task-based writing. The activities that are described in this article can be divided into two types: those that can be performed in a traditional classroom environment – that is, no technology – and those that require IT to enhance the writing/learning experience. The level of computer know-how that the CALL/IT-related activities require includes students being familiar with a CALL lab/IT environment, using e-mail, Web Browsers, and Web design tools such as Front Page and Dream-Weaver as well as knowing how to up-load and download pictures and documents. However, student-writing skills are at the heart of this article. No matter what the learning environment, writing remains an   essential and fundamental skill that the learner has to marshal either traditionally, with pencil and
paper, or with keyboard and IT skills. Within this framework of understanding, a basic
pedagogical question is how can activities that promote the student writing/learning
relationship be more effectively developed.

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