Developing global awareness and self management Diploma Foundations and the Dubai Womens Collge Bazaar


Students in Diploma Foundations (DF) face a challenging first year at college, during which they must make many transitions: from school to college, from dependence to greater independence, and from membership of known communities to membership of unknown communities. To further steepen the learning curve, these shifts take place within the context of learning in an English rather than an Arabic medium, a major transition in itself. Diploma Foundation students, typically, are in the early stages of the process of becoming literate in this shifting context, literate in the sense of possessing “a range of skills that enable them to participate fully in all aspects of modern society, from the workforce to the family to the academic community” (Kasper, 2000). Student participation in the Dubai Women’s College (DWC) Diploma Foundations Bazaar Project is designed to take the student closer towards this ‘full participation’ in the life of Dubai and the UAE, and to facilitate growing self, community and global awareness. The DWC Bazaar is an annual three-day event in which students from all programmes participate. Students on the two ‘Foundations’ programmes, Diploma Foundations (DF) and Higher Diploma Foundations, raise money for charity, whilst students in other programmes run their own businesses in order to develop entrepreneurial skills, and gain invaluable work-related experience.

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