Innovative pratice in acquiring graduate outcomes


This article discusses how the Mosaic 2007 ‘Ideas Through Art’ final year diploma
project at HCT Sharjah Women’s College was innovative in achieving its goals, which
were to improve the quality of student learning and acquire HCT graduate outcomes.
The innovation was to employ two significant ‘driving forces’: greater expectations of
students and the redistribution of educational power.
HCT identifies eight Graduate Outcomes (GOs) as essential to students’ holistic
development. The characteristics of each GO are to be achieved via the learning
outcomes (knowledge, skills and attributes) of the students’ courses. The Mosaic 2007
project developed: GO1, communication and information literacy, GO5, selfmanagement
and independent learning, and GO6, teamwork and leadership. The table
below provides details. However, during the project, students also demonstrated
several attributes aligned with GO2, critical and creative thinking.

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