Intervention Strategies: Students at Risk


Al Ain Women’s College (AAWC), which is part of a system of colleges known as the HigherColleges of Technology (HCT) in the United Arab Emirates, has a yearly intake of 500 studentsfresh from high school. The majority of these students enter into a foundation year, which equipsthem with the skills they need in English, Maths and IT to progress into their programmes ofchoice in either Diploma or Higher Diploma/Bachelors. Approximately 80% of students at AAWC,enter at a false beginner or lower elementary level of English and are placed in the DiplomaFoundations (DF) programme. The remaining 20% of students are placed in the Higher DiplomaFoundations (HDF) programme.

As the college operates an open entry system, students are of varying levels and abilities inEnglish and are streamed at the beginning of the year according to their placement indices andscores in the nationally run Common Educational Proficiency Assessment (CEPA).

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