Creative Writing in English and Emirati Student Motivation


The questions addressed in this case study are: (1) do Emirati students perceive creative writingin English as motivational in their English studies; (2) does creative writing encourage Emiratistudents to write in English outside of the classroom; and (3) does creative writing in Englishmotivate Emirati English as a Foreign Language (EFL) students to be better users of English?Though answered in this case study from the perspective of a men’s college in Abu Dhabi, theanswers to these questions may have more widespread applications to English programs ingeneral. Creative writing in English is often not considered the domain of the EFL or Englishas a Second Language (ESL) student, but rather as the prerogative of the native speaker. Thisstudy will suggest that introducing creative writing to ESL or EFL programs can serve as apowerful motivational force in the classroom, benefiting the students academically, emotionally,and linguistically.

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