Students’ Voices: Excerpts from the final year e-portfolios.


Reflective practice is a key component of teacher education and of teacher professional learning. The production of an electronic portfolio in the final year of the B Ed allows students to present the learning and development they have experienced over the four years of the program. Portfolios are rich assessment tools but they also provide opportunities for students to reflect on their own learning and to present that learning in meaningful and relevant ways.

This chapter documents the voices and reflections of two students about their experiences of the transformational nature of the Higher Colleges of Technology’s (HCT) B.Ed program. Excerpts of the e-portfolios relating to students’ philosophies of teaching with links to their best practice and professional development efforts are given in this chapter verbatim, with permission of the students. While we cannot claim that they are necessarily representative viewpoints of every student that went through the program, perhaps what stands out about these particular testimonials is the students’ ability to plan, implement and reflect on their classroom behaviors and transform accordingly.

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