Academic attainment or annoyance: Does mobile learning actually benefit today’s students?


The HCT boasts in its strategic plan that “Students study using the latest equipment, technology and modern teaching and learning methods.” (Strategic plan Summary 2008-2012, p.4). Its first main goal is to “Enhance HCT’s current offerings of programs and access” (Strategic plan Summary 2008-2012, p.3, emphasis added) As an educator within the HCT, I conducted an action research task within the college, sympathetic to the goals stated above, with the express purpose of assessing the viability of one such teaching and learning method, using existing infrastructure. The research centered around the use of mobile technology as a means of delivery of content to students within the Diploma Foundations year, as part of their computer literacy course. Three groups of students were compared – students using traditional paper methods of delivery, students using a Learning Management System (Blackboard Vista) for delivery and students getting some content through Mobile Technology – mobile phones. ©2009 IEEE.

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