Business integration using the Interdisciplinary Project Based Learning model (IPBL)


This paper recognizes the need for new approaches in IT based education. Our proposed model depends on two major concepts. The first is to believe in the learning approach not the teaching approach that is widely used. Learning delivery requires providers to alter their in-class approach and demands students to be more independent learners. The second concept is the interdisciplinary learning approach rather than the silo teaching model used currently. For Example, software engineers will not be allowed to work in isolation from the business people, the users, the client, etc. in the real world. Therefore, their college education must qualify them, as much as possible, to deal with the real world. This paper proposes an interdisciplinary project based learning model focusing on collaborative learning (CL) and Business Integration (BI) using the SEE [1] portal. This integral solution is designed to overcome the teaching and silo models used currently. © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2007.

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