Impact of interactive learning on knowledge retention


There is amble evidence that supports true interactivity, both in the interface and in the presentation methodology, will further enhance learning and knowledge retention among students. The real challenge is how to implement it, measure and evaluate this outcome. This paper presents findings that look into the efficacy of the combination of virtual environments and interactive teaching techniques in enhancing learning and increasing the knowledge retention level of students.It is now widely accepted that the conventional way of lecturing students has certain limitations. E-learning and the use of ICT, interactive tools in the education field has proven to be effective in assisting the teaching and learning experience. It has been observed that the one way communication method of lecturing with limited or no opportunity for feedback from students and audiences in general has a major impact on their attention span and the retention level, There are issues related to the establishment and implementation of interactive learning tools as an aid for teaching and especially in continuous evaluation of students’ achievements. We point out that it is not only the ‘teaching’ tasks that are impacted by the use of ICT but also current methods of evaluation including written examinations which have proven to be time consuming and inaccurate reflection of students’ achievements. The introduction of interactive learning and evaluation has several advantages and this paper will give a convincing support to the fact that the advantages are more than the fact that it makes the teaching and evaluation process easy, simple and rapid. Educators should not fail to adapt and respond to the needs of 21st century bust and multi-tasking students for innovative learning methods, i.e. interactive learning. The role of education institutions and educators in the future will become demand-driven; to satisfy technically sophisticated student clients. The paper recommends that we should not ignore the use of interactive technology used as it should be, as a tool, to enhance sound pedagogical methods, however, we should also be able to measure its contribution in enhancing teaching and learning. It is pertinent to synthesize a framework that encompasses ways to compliment existing methods of teaching with interactive learning. © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2007.

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