About HCT Ma’rifa

Welcome to the Higher Colleges of Technology’s Ma’rifa website. Ma’rifa means ‘knowledge” in Arabic, which is a key pillar upon which the modern UAE society is built.

As a leader in the fields of higher education, training and research the Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) is at the vanguard of this nation’s desire to create a knowledge-based economy, by providing cutting edge and in-demand education to all Emiratis who want to develop their potential and be a part of the 21st century nation-building process.

Furthermore, the HCT is dedicated to the delivery of relevant, industry-driven, technical and professional programs of the highest quality to its students. In order to achieve this aim it has developed the HCT Learning Model, which is based on the professional values of Innovative practice; Continuous improvement; Professional integrity; Efficiency and effectiveness; and Responsiveness to the needs of stakeholders.

Those values enunciated in the HCT Learning Model are in turn encapsulated in publications, materials and documents produced and used by the HCT community on a daily basis. The publication of such materials allows not only the HCT community, but the broader public and interest parties to access relevant and vital documents which highlight critical thinking on a wide spectrum of issues.

This website is therefore dedicated to the publication of educational, research and training-oriented materials, as well as professional, industry-based and academic materials produced for or by the HCT, its faculty, staff and members.  It contains a plethora of published materials from the HCT Press; journals and periodicals; conference proceedings, papers and submissions related or relevant to HCT; and research-related publications including research papers, theses and treatises from HCT faculty and staff.