Don Cameronís

Don Cameronís duties as Director of the Occupational Therapy Research Centre includes managing three clinics, coordinating continuing education programs for therapists, and overseeing research within the School of Occupational Therapy. His research interests lie in learning theory and individual differences, information technology, and older adults. His recent research has investigated studentsí navigating patterns using information technology and relationships with learning style, cognitive style, and technophobia.

He currently supervises research students up to doctoral level investigating older adults in areas such as utilising information technology and coping with driving. His teaching areas currently includes occupational health and management. He is coordinator of the 2000 Fulbright Symposium: Implications of an Ageing Population scheduled to be hosted by Curtin University in September next year.


Meeting Older Adults Learning Needs When Using Information Technologies

Globalisation of education made possible through developments of information technologies can have a significant effect by providing learning opportunities for …