Talib A Younis

* Qualifications: PhD (Political Science); BSc (Economics); Med (Education); Advanced Diploma in Public Administration; 
Associate of the Further Education Staff College; 
Fellow of the British Society for Middle Eastern Studies; 
Fellow of the Association of Stress Management, UK 
Fellow of the Institute of Parapsychology and Hypnosis, UK 
* External 
Appointments as: Visiting Research Fellow, University of Amman (Jordan); Professor in Policy Analysis and Decision Making, University of Yarmouk, Jordan; Professor in Change Management, Institute of Economics, Saratov, Russia. Senior Consultant, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman 
Evaluator: United Nations Development Programmes Dubai, UAE 
* External 
Examinerships: Extensive examining experience at Universities and Institutes of Higher Education in UK and abroad.
* Director of Studies/Supervision Co-ordinator for seven PhD’s/MPhil’s. Three more PhD candidates and three more MPhils expected to be enrolled this year * Course Leader/Chairman of Diploma programme, BA programme, and BA (Hons) programme at Glasgow College
* Co-founder of the Research Centre for the Middle and Far East
* Educational Consultant to the United Nations
* Journal articles published/book chapters/book editing - thirty-six since commencing academic work in Glasgow
* Journal articles to be published/expected to be published this year - three
* Papers produced as part of conference proceedings - twenty in the last ten years
* Paper presentation at conference venues including: Lausanne, Geneva, Indiana, Irbid (Jordan), Baghdad, Dubai, Algarve, Beijing, Bradford, Bristol, London, Belfast, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Muscat etc.
* Themes of conference papers include: management of undergraduate courses, quality control in higher education, aspects of academic counselling, civil service reform, agricultural development, the media and conflict, organisational change, ‘Total Quality Management’, policy analysis, implementation, change management, the media’s role in opinion-forming
* Academic referee to two learned journals at universities in Jordan, and the University of Lancaster, England.
* Staff selection adviser for The Centre for Counselling & Guidance, Sultan Qaboos University.


Higher Education: Looking Towards the 21st Century

Possible directions higher education (HE) may take in developing countries in the year 2000 and beyond are discussed. Aspects emphasised …